Just eating some cheese

→ Mar 2014 "What’s your epitaph?
I don’t know. Tasha, she’s buried up near our house. Old cemetery. Her grandmother, too. I go see Tasha once or twice a week. Just to talk. I like it…. There’s a Civil War soldier near her. I look at his headstone a lot. All it says is GRIT AND GRACE." — Liam Neeson’s Biggest Fear as a Single Father: “Drugs—It’s a Virus”
→ Mar 2014 "Let us speak right into whichever of Duritz’s ears doesn’t have a cockily tipped wool hat over it. Adam, we don’t know if you misunderstood the song’s anti-globalization, anti-industrialization, anti-corporation message, or just chose to ignore it so you could get free Frappucinos for life. But we’re gonna hip you to a harsh reality. Seriously, you know the line about how they “paved paradise and put up a parking lot?” Like how they replaced something beautiful with something cold and heartless and commercial? That’s you. You’re the parking lot, motherfucker. You drove your shitty steamroller over something everyone loved so you could pander your sensitive pussyhound whine to people waiting in line at the Carl’s Jr. They paved Nirvana and put up a Counting Crow. Argh!" — The 50 Worst Songs of the ’00s, F2K No. 1: Counting Crows ft. Vanessa Carlton, “Big Yellow Taxi”
→ Mar 2014
→ Jan 2014 "They did everything they were supposed to; they sent us to school and university, convinced us to study so we’d have the freedom to choose our careers. Yet the result is a generation facing unemployment, or career ascension so slow and internship-ridden they may never afford to buy a house or have a family of their own. Was it their aim to spawn Generation Jobless who, according to World Health Organisation, are a public health timebomb? Of course not. The most fundamental aim of parenting is surely to make sure your kid will be OK. Isn’t it maddening that, despite doing everything right, they’re not?" — Let’s see some babyboomer rage about Generation Jobless | Erica Buist | Comment is free | theguardian.com
→ Nov 2013
→ Nov 2013 (via Cheese - I’M REVOLTING)

(via Cheese - I’M REVOLTING)

→ Nov 2013 (via Cheese - I’M REVOLTING)

(via Cheese - I’M REVOLTING)

→ Nov 2013
When it is art in the dark weekend




→ Oct 2013 "For our two years in Rome, the Borghese Gardens became a semiregular haunt, the place most likely to drag us from our Monti stupor. And I always left the park reluctantly; it was not an easy transition to move from its pleasant chaos to the sometimes pedantic conventionality of the city. No, you can’t have cheese on your vongole; no, this isn’t the time for a cappuccino; yes, you can eat pizza on these steps but not near that fountain; in December we all go to India; in February we all ski in France; in September of course we go to New York. Everything Romans do is perfect and delightful, but it is sometimes annoying that they should insist on all doing the same things at exactly the same time. I think their argument is: given that all our habits are perfect and delightful, why would anyone stray from them?" — Love in the Gardens by Zadie Smith | The New York Review of Books
→ Sep 2013

The first two weeks of Enzyme Club: more yoga, less swimming, more zinc, more magnesium, less dairy, less bread, more kumara, less hydrocortisone, more eggs, more raw juices, cucumber, one naturopath, one chiropractor, less coffee, more cigarettes, more fish.

Currently tired, eczema-y, dark circles, fitter, a delicate eco-system. Maybe I’m going into cheese withdrawals.